My Typical Day

I’d usually wake up at 6:30am and will proceed to roll and stretch for another 10 to 20mins like a cat on catnip(never actually seen one but I guess that this is a close approximation of what I do). Then, I’d get up and start bump into things like a teenager undergoing growth spurt. After that, I’d brew coffee and will feel a semblance of normalcy.

At school, I’m the guy who everybody knows, and who knows absolutely no one (very ironic). This is caused by my constant shifting of courses since my first year and I don’t seem to have a regular class because I’m always a late enrollee. I have no regrets though since because of these series of unfortunate events I got to meet a lot of cool people. So I’d wave here and there to familiar faces with unfamiliar names.

To end my day, I read a novel as way for me to unwind. Let me tell you that nothing feels good than reading a good book before bed. Then, comes the regret. I read and read until the sun comes up (sometimes lol). That is my typical day.

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