Marvel Future Fight Copy Paste because noobs are retarded

PSA. Attention, beginners. May 2019.
1. Do not use MegaT2 Advancement Ticket on farmable characters. Only use on Paywall characters like Luna.
2. Use 6 Star Selector Ticket on Ironhammer because his Leadership is the best for beginners.
3. You can’t clear Stage 12 because you succ for now. Fix your:
     3.1. Cards. Important stats are: Ignore defense, Skill cooldown, All Attack. If you can get 30% on each of these stats, then you’re beyond gucci. Attack Speed is good, too.
     3.2. Custom Gear. A damage proc will boost you damage for 1 skill by 200% is best for clearing content. A GBI + Invincible is best for pvp (with some exceptions). The rest are useless. There’s a free CTP of Energy when clearing Stage 13, use it on Sharon Rogers (if you disagree fite me).
     3.3 ISO-8 Set. POAH, Overdrive, Hawk’s Eye, Drastic Density, Binary Power, I Am Also Groot, Stark Backing are useful. The rest are useless. Use the Offensive sets for clearing content.
     3.4 Uru. 2 physical/energy urus + 3 any urus of your choice (except for energy defense and physical defense because they’re useless)
     3.5. ur mom gae.
4. Ur mom gae.

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